My Hopscotch Journey... a Pari Tale
My Hopscotch Journey... a Pari Tale
My Hopscotch Journey... a Pari Tale
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My Hopscotch Journey... a Pari Tale

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Join Pari in a dazzling adventure of festive wonder. Follow the instructions within the book and embark upon a magical journey. A book with actions for kids to do while reading the story and experience activities to reinforce the story. Each page turn is lifting of a curtain to experience India’s cultural diversities. A fun quest across India to learn about the Sun Festival – Makar Sankranti and its various forms Lohri, Pongal, Uttrayan and the religious fairs.

Experience an adventure that occurs on a simple printed page. 15 activities and crafts like make a bonfire, take a dip in river Ganga , worship the cow , a dash of Geometry, Spark joys , Happiness bouquet... A kite tambola game Coloring Stickers ... This unique interactive story book will provide fun for everyone. Includes over 200 stickers, cardstocks and craft supplies. Vitamin Simple Interactive Story and Activity books – where the engaging experiences of an app and the simplicity of storytelling come together. Age Group: 4 to 12. Price: Rs 249 (includes shipping) Shipping Starts: Jan 5th, 2018


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